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« Dreams are part of life, make your life a dream. »


« I was born June 13, 1972 in Revin. It was at the age of 11 years that I put on my first running shoes - in athletics. Quickly my passion developed for long distances. In 2004 I participated in my first Ultra-Trail which I won in my category. I then contracted the "Ultra Virus" and now, I travel around the world to new playgrounds while organizing workshops to share my passion with other globetrotting runners. Throughout the trail, I enjoy a sense of freedom in being one with nature, and discover new country's with beautiful landscapes and cultures. »



  • 6th at the Transmartinique.
  • Solo crossing the Amazon jungle (153 km, 6250 d +) in 33 hours in total autonomy.
  • 3rd in the Echappée Belle.
  • Solo crossing of the Cordillera Apolobamba and the Cordillera Real in Bolivia, 300 km
    (+ 18000m) in 8 days at an altitude between 4000 m and 6020 m.
  • 6th trail adventurers from the end of the Drôme.
  • 25th Madeira Ultra Trail.
  • Winner of the Annapurna Mandala Trail.
  • 13th in the 80km Transgrancanaria.
  • 2nd Columbia Trail Masters (Thailand).
  • 2nd Ultra Trail Mo Shan.
  • 3rd in the Tor de Geants.
  • Winner of the l'UTRB.
  • 6th TDS.
  • 4th at Tor de Geants.
  • Marathon des Sables winning team.

Describe yourself in 5 words:

Free • Adventurous • Traveller • Sharing • Nature


Being a Raidlight athlete: what does it mean to you?

« As technical advisor, I bring my knowledge and feedback on test products which I use throughout the world and on any terrain in the service of the French brand to develop technical, versatile and robust equipment for trail and mountain running.

As a professional athlete: In love to wear the Raidlight colours and always give the best of myself in competitions while maintaining good sportsmanship and sharing my experience with everyone via photos, videos and blogs giving advice that is accessible to all the people who follow me. »

His Signature Brand :

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